*Please note that the below products are for illustration purposes; brands and models are not accurate. More products will be added soon along with their pricing. However, you may contact us to request any of the below sample items or even ask for other needed ones. Suppliers of important products and services are also welcome to reach out to us to cooperate together. 

fish-eye lens of green plant in front of house

Retirement house

Looking for an ideal retirement house in Cyprus? Plenty of options available as per your desires. 

Code RS0016

brown wooden house in middle of forest during daytime

Wooden bungalow

Sometimes going minimalist is all it takes to be happier. Book your wooden pre-fab house.

Code RS0017

green plant on brown soil during daytime

Agricultural land

Going back to roots proved to be a great source of health and happiness. Why not have your own land and start a new passion

Code RS0018 

Special car

A customized car for special needs and equipped with all needed facilities for your comfort

Code RS0019

selective focus photography of person pointing at tablet computer

Customized tablet

A tablet with all customized aps to best communicate with your loved ones and use the main online platforms. 

Code RS0020

black and gray exercise equipment

Tailored home gym

Create your own gym at home. Having a good health ensures a longer life. Take care of your body so it takes care of you. 

Code RS0021 

Hundreds of items coming soon.

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